Event Communications Center Demo Now Live

As discussed in our last post, our goal is to provide a community driven Event Communications Center (ECC) demonstration site to allow event planners to see the evolution of this idea, and to provide feedback as the ECC project moves forward. We are happy to announce that the initial implementation of the Demo Event ECC is now live! You can see it at: http://demo-event.meetingplannertoolkit.com.

As with any community driven effort, the initial implementation of the ECC is pretty limited. Our plan is to add features and capabilities that demonstrate the power of the technology, and provide event planners with a useful set of tools to use with their own meetings and events. Your feedback will be critical to this project.

The initial version of the ECC is based off of a basic Google Site, using a standard default template. Google Sites allows a great deal of flexibility over the look and feel of the site, which we will be exploring in more detail in the future.

We changed the default “Home” page of the site to use the “Announcement” page type, and renamed it “Announcements”. This allows all event related announcements to the team to be posted on this page where they can be easily seen, and referenced in the future. There is also a “Subscribe to posts” option that allows other sites to publish the new posts as they occur.

In this case the security of the event site is set for public viewing. In normal circumstances, the ECC would be a private site, accessible to members of the core event team, and select 3rd party vendors and partners. The core team would typically have the ability to view and edit the content on all of the pages, while the extended team would only have selective viewing and editing capabilities. We will discuss how this is done more in future posts as well.

Feel free to tell us what you would like to see as we develop the ECC, and check back often as we plan to provide frequent updates to this system.

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