Adding a Contract Summary to the Event Communications Center

When we launched the ECC project, we thought that our initial work would define some standard forms that would be of use to other event planners. As soon as we started we realized that the first information that is available to the event planner is the contract with the venue for the event. Buried in this contract are the essential business metrics and terms for the event, intermixed with a lot of legal terms and disclaimers.

So the first document we decided to implement on the ECC is the Contract Summary. Google Sites allows you to store both scanned images of the original documents (see “Attachments” at the bottom of the page) as well as a spreadsheet that captures the information that is essential for your event.

Demo Event Contract Summary Page

At the bottom of the contract summary spreadsheet you can see that there are several tabs. These are the same tabs that are in the original spreadsheet, and by clicking on them you can see the information from the other pages.

Changes to the spreadsheet are made by editing the original spreadsheet document in Google Docs. People that have permission to edit this document will see a link just under the spreadsheet that takes them directly to that document for editing.

See how easy it is to share information with the ECC! And with Page Level Permissions only the people you want can have access to that information.

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2 Responses to Adding a Contract Summary to the Event Communications Center

  1. Luis Ibarra says:

    i can’t open the file, is say it can’t show the document in the iframe


    • Tom Slykhouse says:

      Hi Luis,

      Thanks for the message. I am not sure where you were when you received that error. I haven’t been able to reproduce it. Maybe there was a network problem. If you can provide any more information I can look into it further. Thanks for the feedback!

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