Tracking VIP Room Lists

How do you manage your VIP list? In a recent discussion in a linkedin group (Event Planning and Event Management – the 1st Group for Event Professionals) there was a discussion about what task event planners find most frustrating. Several responses indicated that tracking VIP lists was a real challenge. So I thought that it would be appropriate to show how to implement VIP Room Lists using Google Docs Google Sites.

The first step is to create a VIP Room List spreadsheet. This version of the VIP Room List spreadsheet has 2 worksheets, one for the VIP List and a second for the VIP Room Block. The VIP list consists of normal contact information for the VIP, as well as a reservation code. In some situations it may be desirable to actually track the VIP arrival and departure dates in this list. However these days many people coordinate their own travel plans, so rather than attempting to track the dates here, we have a reservation field. Based on this the hotel can lookup a reservation record and find out the actual arrival and departure dates for the VIP.

VIP Room List

The second worksheet tracks the VIP room block. The category field indicates the specific room type (eg. Suite, Penthouse etc.). The Assigned To field indicates the VIP that the room is assigned to. And the reservation code once again can be used to determine arrival and departure dates. Using this sheet a planner can determine at a glance which rooms are occupied, and which are still available.

VIP Room Block

The final step is to add the VIP Room Lists spreadsheet into the Event Communications Center where it can be published to the rest of the event team and the hotel if desired. From here staff is only one click away from being able to edit and update the VIP List, without having to search for the spreadsheet in the Google Docs file system.

VIP Room List in Event Communications Center

As demonstrated, adding capabilities to the Event Communications Center is as easy as creating a new document, and then creating a page in the Event Communications Center to display that document.

Do you have any comments on the VIP Room List? Feel free to give us your feedback at the new Meeting Planner Toolkit Facebook Page.


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