Publishing Conference Schedule

For today’s post we are going to add a simple conference schedule to the Event Communications Center. As discussed in the previous post this consists of 2 steps.

First we create a Google Docs spreadsheet to hold the conference schedule. In this spreadsheet we track the date, the start and end time for the individual meeting, the contact name for the meeting, meeting name and description, the room where the meeting will be held, along with the floor and a brief code or description for the room setup.

Conference Spreadsheet in Google Docs

Following the creation of this spreadsheet we then create a page in the Event Communications Center site. Because this picture was taken when I was logged into the system, the Google Sites edit buttons are visible at the top of the page, and there is a link under the Conference Schedule Spreadsheet that will take me directly to the spreadsheet.

From this spreadsheet we can actually generate a mobile version of this schedule for use by attendees at the conference. I will discuss how we do this in a later post.

Conference Schedule page in Event Communications Center

Now our demo event site is starting to take shape. Over the next few days we will add a few more spreadsheets from our initial document suite and show how to update the design of the site.

Do you have any comments on the Conference Schedule? Feel free to give us your feedback at the new Meeting Planner Toolkit Facebook Page.

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