Google Apps vs. Custom Tools

Google Apps is an extremely capable set of general purpose office applications. As we have explored in previous posts, it is possible to stitch together systems that can process and publish information in a variety of different forms. The problem with this approach, and one that we didn’t fully appreciate until recently, is that it is complicated to setup, and somewhat difficult to use. If you are an expert with these tools, you can probably make it work, If not, then you have a major learning curve ahead of you.

Because of this we have decided to focus on tools that are designed to serve the specific needs of meeting planners. These are still primarily “cloud” based tools, but they need to be able to just work, and provide value without a huge learning curve.

We are excited about this new direction. Now we can focus on providing specific, targeted applications that solve specific problems for meeting organizers. If you would like a sneak peek at what we are up to, check out our new site at: While this project is still in its early stages, we are excited about where we are going. And we welcome your feedback.

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